Loaves & Fishes

MMO Ref: HOL0036

Project Name: Loaves & Fishes

Organisation: Bridlington Salvation Army

Running a series of cookery programmes for families and older people and the homeless to learn how to prepare, cook and eat healthy shellfish dishes. The project will focus on shellfish, fish and bread making. It will build relationships in the community through programmes, ‘Cook off’ and Community meals (with a focus on including the elderly and isolated, homeless and disadvantaged). It will re-educate and reconnect the community of Bridlington to the Shell fishing industry. A recipe book will be produced with attractive and tasty shellfish and fish dishes along with heritage facts and local case studies. The Salvation Army will take part in local/County events such as the Bridlington Harbour Festival to support the Shell fishing industry and the community, and organise the recruitment of a Volunteer Team with Shellfish Advocates, particularly among young people, who can share what they have learned in their networks and neighbourhoods.