Education Resource Pack

MMO Ref: HOL0031

Project Name: Education Resource Pack

Organisation: Hornsea School and Language College

E Learning Education Resource Pack - will develop subject based lessons and plans and projects to raise awareness of the fisheries industry and its communities. The project will ensure links to other resources available to schools on the web e.g. the Councils Coastal Erosion pack, Seafish, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust etc. as well as other pertinent projects/organisations. Aimed at Key stage 2 & 3 sustainability (Primary & Secondary ages 10 - 14 yrs) - Dedicated subjects will incorporate the following learning: English - advertising, articles, diary, marketing, interviewing, Mathematics - KS2/3 links - catch quotas, Science - conservation, renewables, Business Studies - marketing, business planning, Design & Technology - food challenge, menu development, family learning projects, Geography & ICT - erosion, conservation, weather, GPRS data & equipment, tourism.