Holderness Coast Research Boat

MMO Ref: HOL0016

Project Name: Holderness Coast Research Boat

Organisation: Holderness Fishing Industry Group

Purchase, decommission and refit of a fishing boat for the purpose of conducting scientific research to support the future sustainability of the Holderness Coast fishery. Such research is identified as a key project within the FLAG strategy.

The boat will carry out experimental, survey and sample collection work. Data gathered will form the basis of a comprehensive programme of integrated research projects, developed through collaboration between the fishing industry (working through their representative body: the Holderness Coast Fishing Industry Group), the NEIFCA and the University of Hull’s Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences. To significantly improve understanding of the ecology of the Holderness Coast, the place of the fishery within that environment and the likely effects of human activities on marine habitats and species and the fishing industry that they support.