Yorkshires Living Seas (Phase 2)

MMO Ref: HOL0014

Project Name: Yorkshire's Living Seas (Full Programme)

Organisation: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

The full programme is born from the successes identified within the 7 month pilot project. Building on the relationships developed with the fishing community and aiming to expand the programme into a programme with a wider scientific and public awareness remit, focusing on the following:

Seafood and wildlife
Aim to gain a greater understanding of the local fishery, products caught and how. Develop understanding of good practice at sea to support increased promotion of local shellfish products to encourage greater public support for the marine environment and local fisheries. This will focus heavily on promotion of materials and use of media, press releases, social media including facebook, twitter and youtube as well as gaining information from the public around perception of local shellfish.

Heritage and tourism
Increase public awareness of the marine environment, emphasising its importance to everyday life. Deliver messages through Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts’ ‘The Flamborough Living Seas Centre’ and through an engaging Living Seas awareness and education programme that will be coordinated through this centre. A core element of the awareness and education programme will be to engage with sea users to increase our understanding of the marine environment and raise public awareness of the local fishery through local seafood festivals, events and through the production of ‘did you know’ materials about local shellfish. We also seek to build on other successful areas of our work programme including developing the Flamborough Storyboard trails detailing local heritage and developing a nature tourism website to include information about local shellfish.

Diversification of the fishing industry
Aim to build on the pilot project to run skills based workshops detailing what local shellfish produce is available, how its caught, methods of good practice and the importance of a healthy marine environment on the local fishery.