FLAG Implementation and Review Officer

MMO Ref: HOL0063

Project Name: FLAG Implementation and Review Officer

Organisation: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

This project will ensure the successful implementation of projects which have received funding from FLAG under Axis 4 of the EFF. It will secure continued liaison to project sponsors and project leads and will direct/inform current and new partnership relations going forward to EMFF. The FLAG will review and fully appraise and evaluate the work of the FLAG at a local level. This will involve looking at FLAG processes, the effectiveness of management, the role of the Board and Sub Groups, the Partnership Agreement as well as the level of outputs achieved, private sector leverage, the degree of involvement by the fishing sector and the overall effectiveness of the programme in meeting the original aims of the FLAG Strategy. This work is useful both in demonstrating achievements and problems and in providing a basis for future bidding under the EMFF programme but also for future development of the new Strategy. The FLAG believe that there are a number of lessons to be learnt which can effectively be transferred into the EMFF programme.