Seawards Heritage Strategy (Phase 2)

MMO Ref: HOL0061

Project Name: Seawards Heritage Strategy (Phase 2)

Organisation: Department of History, University of Hull

project delivered stickerProven historical expertise and commercial knowledge will be deployed to act on relevant recommendations incorporated in the draft maritime heritage strategy produced in Seawards Heritage I. These include identifying and cataloguing the region’s maritime heritage assets, and working closely with, and supporting, other FLAG projects. Historical research skills and presentational expertise will be utilised to continue to enhance and develop a broader understanding amongst the general public and local businesses of the rich cultural significance of the Holderness coast’s history and maritime heritage. A much richer and more positive view of the way local communities have successfully adapted to environmental, social and economic change – from the hunter gatherers of Holderness’s meres to Ravenser’s medieval herring fisheries to Bridlington Bay’s contemporary shellfish producers – will be generated by a concerted research effort.