Access to Sailing

MMO Ref: HOL0050

Project Name: Access to Sailing

Organisation: Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club

Provide greater accessibility, for all ages, to water based sports by replacing a wartime slip way for easier access to Blyth Park and facilities. Provide an Internet enabled training and rest facility for cadets and potential cadets so that they have their own area to learn and to relax in, especially on inclement days when alternative plans have to be made.

Providing two family sized training mono-hull boats to promote new membership, mono-hull birthing and class races. Purchase 6 kayaks to teach balance and movement on water and for use at times were there is insufficient wind.

To purchase a safety Rib to oversee sailing taster/ teaching sessions on the water and provide safety support to encourage more sailing during the season.

Overall, to improve the facilities at Blyth, encourage new members and non-sailing families to take part. To improve physical fitness and develop team building and healthy competition.