Cetacean Deterrents

MMO Ref: HOL0046

Project Name: Cetacean Deterrents

Organisation: North Eastern Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority

project delivered stickerAcoustic cetacean deterrents, also known as ‘pingers’, are devices attached to nets that help to reduce porpoise, dolphin and whale (cetacean hereafter) by-catch. Interaction between cetaceans and fishing nets can have an economic cost to fishermen in terms of equipment damage when the animals become entangled. There is also an ecological cost in terms of the by-catch mortality of cetaceans, with the UK actively protecting these species through the ASCOBANS agreement. The aim of this project is to purchase 100 banana pingers and distribute these to operators, under 12m vessels,using fixed engines within the Holderness Coast FLAG region. This will remove the financial restraint on fishermen of purchasing the units, promoting their use.