FLAG projects

Summary of Projects Approved by the FLAG Board
To date as at 17 November 2013

MMO Ref: HOL0001
Project Name: Bridlington Harbour - Improved Berthing Facilities
Organisation: Bridlington Harbour Commissioners

Improved berthing facilities at Bridlington Harbour will realise the installation of pontoon berthing for 66 additional craft and install water and electricity pedestals to accommodate the increased berthing. Fishermen will be protected from increases in Harbour dues to FLAG Programme end Dec 2015.  A second phase application is expected in due course.

MMO Ref: HOL002
Project Name: Yorkshire's Living Seas (Pilot)
Organisation: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Pilot programme to raise public awareness of the marine environment. The Flamborough Living Seas Centre will be the conduit to deliver a range of education packages.

MMO Ref: HOL0004
Project Name: Health Trainer for Fishermen
Organisation: Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Project will aim to Improve the overall general health and wellbeing of Fishermen along the Holderness Coast Coast from Bridlington to Withernsea, providing assistance to smoking prevention, alcohol reduction and weight loss and general health checks.

MMO Ref: HOL0005
Project Name: Holderness Coast Escape Gaps
Organisation: NEIFCA

Stock assessment work by the NEIFCA suggests that up to 85% of individuals captured in pots off the Holderness Coast are discarded. This leads to discard mortality, inter and intra species in-pot mortality, limb loss and can impact growth rates. The introduction of escape gaps will improve survival rates of juveniles, contribute to species spawning stock biomass and may lead to an increase in landings of MLS lobsters. NEFICA intend to provide escape gaps to commercial operators for free to encourage their use in the district. There is already significant interest throughout the Holderness Coast.

MMO Ref: HOL0006 - HOL0009
Project Name: Linked Coastal Shellfish Festivals
Organisation: East Yorkshire Local Food Network

Support from the East Riding Local Food Network to coordinate a joint approach to Local Coastal Food Events, Festivals and Marketing along the Holderness Coast and to further develop and build on current activity by adding value. A further application is expected to maximise this approach once the 2012 project has been evaluated for 2013 onwards.

MMO Ref: HOL0010
Project Name: Hornsea United Reformed Church Local Food and Healthy Living Centre
Organisation: Hornsea United Reformed Church

HUR Church will work with key partners to promote health and wellbeing and raising awareness of local food. The Church is developing a Healthy Living Centre which will be located in the community room attached to the main Church. The focus of this project will include healthy eating, weekly budgeting, local sourcing  and confidence building in order to prepare and cook local produce. A programme of local food awareness raising activites, special events, training and food festivals will complement the overall Holderness Coast FLAG Strategy. The project requires capital monies for improvements to kitchen and toilet facilities and revenue to support the delivery of a programme of events.

MMO Ref: HOL0013
Project Name: Holderness Sea Fishing Apprenticeship Scheme
Organisation: Whitby & District Fishing Industry Training School Ltd

Project will offer sea fishing apprenticeships to school leavers supported via a pastoral care team and training coordinator. Ten years of experience and success in Whitby will be extended to bring the service to the Holderness Coast.

MMO Ref: HOL0014
Project Name: Yorkshires Living Seas (Phase 2)
Organisation: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Yorkshire's Living Seas full Programme - following success of the pilot programme will continue to raise awareness of the marine environment. The Flamborough Living Seas Centre will continue to be the conduit to deliver a range of education packages.

MMO Ref: HOL0016
Project Name: Holderness Coast Research Boat
Organisation: Holderness Fishing Industry Group

Will carry out research and survey work to identify change to sea bed prior to and following wind farm pipework installations etc.

MMO Ref: HOL0018
Project Name: Specialist Fisheries Business Advisor
Organisation: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Conduit to offer reliable business advice and support to the fishing industry on the East Riding Coast. Offering awareness-raising, guidance and support. Alerting, preparing and advising the local fishing enterprises of the potential opportunities emerging in the region. A dedicated fishing business advisor who have credible credentials within the fishing community will be contracted, in order to develop a programme of structured and practical workshops which will create aspiration to diversify and capitalise on the opportunities in the growing industrial, including cultural and hospitality.

MMO Ref: HOL0019
Project Name: Pot Bases
Organisation: ISC Bridlington Ltd

10,000 plastic pot bases, various sizes, to be made available at a significantly reduced charge to Fishermen active along the Holderness Coast.

MMO Ref: HOL0020
Project Name: Fisheries Strategic Environmental Assessment - Finfish
Organisation: NEIFCA

A method of examining and mitigating the effects, both current and future, on the marine environment of a fisheries plan or exploitation regime. Will derive recommendations, designed to reduce any negative impacts of these environmental effects.

MMO Ref: HOL0021
Project Name: Seawards Heritage Strategy
Organisation: University of Hull, History Dept

This project will deliver: through stakeholder consultation and the formulation and writing up of a draft East Yorkshire Coast heritage strategy to inform future heritage developments and activity in the region, a series of talks and presentations to community groups, schools, business groups and key players in regional strategic interest groups, the production of a research-informed interactive website relating to the historic and contemporary engagement of Holderness communities with the sea, the writing of a research informed report on historic and contemporary uses of the Holderness coastal zone, production of research informed historical and heritage material for other FLAG projects, production of a series of heritage based stories and features in the regional and national media, a series of presentations/displays at regional shows and festivals.

MMO Ref: HOL0022
Project Name: Yorkshire Coast Explorer
Organisation: Yorkshire Coast Explorer

This project will see the expansion of an existing business 'Yorkshire Wolds Exploring', and will provide a small tour operations company focused on offering walking and nature based tourism services whilst promoting holidays along the Holderness Coast. The project aims to attract increased visitor numbers to the FLAG area, increase visitor spending and enhance the local economy.

MMO Ref: HOL0023
Project Name: Fisheries Industry Promotional Website
Organisation: Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group

The web site will raise the public profile of the Holderness coast locally, regionally and nationally by highlighting, in a creative and attractive way: The local fishing industry, the availability and sustainability of local seafood products, the coastal and marine environment, the area’s maritime heritage, local seafood businesses, training and employment opportunities, education resource pack. Specifically, a fully functioning web site by April 2014 which will be maintained until the end of 2016.

MMO Ref: HOL0026
Project Name: FLAG Animateur
Organisation: Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group

The continuation of the Animator Post is Key to ensure the conitinued committed to the FLAG Strategy and Business Plan. The Animator will continue to develop projects in accordance with the Strategy and Business Plan, will lead the work of the Board and its Theme Sub Groups in assisting, identifying and developing key projects and establishing partnerships and synergy, will fully promote to local groups and organisations the FLAG and the Axis 4 Programme and encourage interest whilst seeking private sector match funding.

MMO Ref: HOL0027
Project Name: Winghams Fresh Fish
Organisation: Winghams Fresh Fish, Withernsea

Website development to expand a local coastal buisness to incorporate trade, the principle market being restaurants, shops and hotels. In addition the project will raise awareness of the quality and sustainability of locally caught seafood. The purchase of a cold store facility for use at Regional and National festivals and events is also included in this application. Links will be made to other pertinent HCFLAG projects.

MMO Ref: HOL0028
Project Name: Voices of the Sea
Organisation: Withernsea Ladies Musical Society

Initial project idea, to raise awareness of the fisheries industry and its communities, in song. One concert will be performed featuring songs pertaining to fishing and the sea in general. Links have been made to other FLAG projects, interval seafood canapes will be provided by Winghams Fresh Fish (FLAG Project). Recipe cards will be available and there will be opportunities for heritage/information displays by allied groups in relation to the fishing industry and health eating. It is hoped that other links will be made going forward, particularly in relation to the Holderness Coast Seafood Events and Festivals.

MMO Ref: HOL0029
Project Name: East Yorkshire Local Seafood Network
Organisation: East Yorkshire Local Food Network

Promotional and marketing project to incorporate local and regional seafood festivals and events across the Yorkshire Region. This project follows on from the support provided, through HCFLAG funding, to four local coastal festivals in 2012. It will raise awareness of sales and seafood from the Holderness Coast inshore fishery, particularly the 73 privately operated registered fishing vessels operating along the Coast.

MMO Ref: HOL0030
Project Name: Meat Yield Sensor Feasibility Study
Organisation: University of Hull - Logistics Institute

Feasibility Study will test various methods of sensing the amount of meat within a live crab. Methods will include infra red light and ultrasonic sensing techniques with an objective to determine within 80% accuracy the meat yield of a crab or if it should be returned to the sea at source significantly reducing waste. The HCFLAG Board would expect, if the feasibility study is successful, for a full application to be brought forward by the University of Hull to develop the Sensor.

MMO Ref: HOL0031
Project Name: Education Resource Pack
Organisation: Hornsea School & Language College

E Learning Education Resource Pack - will develop subject based lessons and plans and projects to raise awareness of the fisheries industry and its communities. The project will ensure links to other resources available to schools on the web e.g. the Councils Coastal Erosion pack, Seafish, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust etc. as well as other pertinent projects/organisations. Aimed at Key stage 2 & 3 sustainability (Primary & Secondary ages 10 - 14 yrs) - Dedicated subjects will incorporate the following learning: English - advertising, articles, diary, marketing, interviewing, Mathematics - KS2/3 links - catch quotas, Science - conservation, renewables, Business Studies - marketing, business planning, Design & Technology - food challenge, menu development, family learning projects, Geography & ICT - erosion, conservation, weather, GPRS data & equipment, tourism.

MMO Ref: HOL0032
Project Name: 15 Day Introductory Course to the Maritime Industry
Organisation: Y & H Fishermen's Training Association

Delivery of 2 x 3-week/15 Day courses throughout the Holderness Coast FLAG area for between 8-10 candidates per course, covering: Onboard procedures, Safety (inc First Aid, Fire-fighting, Sea Survival & Personal Survival Techniques), Ropes, knots and splicing, Fishing gear, net mending and gear construction, Boat handling, watch keeping, navigation and stability, Engineering, Food hygiene, Short Range Radio. The project will provide up to 20 training places and deliver up to 300 training days.

MMO Ref: HOL0033
Project Name: Withernsea S2013 Shellfish Festival - Withernsea Town Council
Organisation: Withernsea Town Council

This project, part of a linked FLAG project in 2012 to pioneer the development of an integrated festival programme along the East Yorkshire coastline to promote the Holderness Coast fishery to local residents and visitors, continues to grow at the local level. The project will continue to increase the visibility of local seafood and the local fishery through increasing the promotion of local seafood within existing summer events run at community level. The project will be delivered with the support of the EYLFN via an integrated seafood promotional and media programme along with provision of a mobile kitchen and Chef for the purpose of delivering food demonstration activities. In addition, the festival will be supported via a further two FLAG Projects ‘Wingham’s Fresh Fish’ who will be in attendance with their newly purchased Chiller Unit, promoting and selling locally caught shell and white fish and ‘Voices of the Sea’, the Withernsea Ladies Musical Society will be in attendance singing sea and sea shanty songs.

MMO Ref: HOL0034
Project Name: Replacement of Davit no.2 Brid Harbour
Organisation: Bridlington Harbour Commissioners

Following a meeting with representatives from the three landing companies working from Bridlington Harbour and the Consultative Body Commercial Fishermen Representative in which diagrams and photos of the new landing davit operating at Scarborough harbour were discussed to assess the fishermens requirements. The project is to replace the No. 2 landing davit on the fish quay, Bridlington harbour which is proving to be unreliable, disrupting the landing activities of the fishermen.

MMO Ref: -
Project Name: The Deep
Organisation: NEIFCA

In partnership with the Deep, NEIFCA have secured a display area to provide targeted information on local lobster stocks; management, biology and commercial fishery. A minimum commitment has been agreed for a display area of approximately 10ft by 6ft.

MMO Ref: -
Project Name: Loaves & Fishes
Organisation: Bridlington Salvation Army

Running a series of cookery programmes for families and older people and the homeless to learn how to prepare, cook and eat healthy shellfish dishes. The project will focus on shellfish, fish and bread making. It will build relationships in the community through programmes, ‘Cook off’ and Community meals (with a focus on including the elderly and isolated, homeless and disadvantaged). It will re-educate and reconnect the community of Bridlington to the Shell fishing industry. A recipe book will be produced with attractive and tasty shellfish and fish dishes along with heritage facts and local case studies. The Salvation Army will take part in local/County events such as the Bridlington Harbour Festival to support the Shell fishing industry and the community, and organise the recruitment of a Volunteer Team with Shellfish Advocates, particularly among young people, who can share what they have learned in their networks and neighbourhoods.

MMO Ref: -
Project Name: Market for Holderness Coast Seafood Study
Organisation: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

The Project will a) Measure and analyse the current supply chain and market for Holderness Coast seafood, and b) Recommend specific means by which the market for locally caught seafood can be developed and more value retained within the local economy.

MMO Ref: -
Project Name: Simply Seafoods
Organisation: Simply Seafoods

Simply Seafoods' is a secondary seafood processing, start up business. Range of products include Fish/Crab Cakes, Fish Fingers, Fish Bites, Fish Goujons, and Breaded Fillets etc. The hypothesis of the project is to create simple, quality, customer focussed seafood products and to promote quality seafood.

MMO Ref: -
Project Name: Bridlington Fish Quay Resurfacing - South Pier
Organisation: Bridlington Harbour Commissioners

The project's intention is to complete the resurfacing of the fish quay to provide a safe working area where forklifts can operate without risk to the operator or the load being carried (shellfish) because of the uneven surface and potholes.




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