The Edge of Britain

Welcome to the East Yorkshire Coast. It's a strip on the Eastern edge of England that encompasses lively holiday resorts and quiet villages, gently rolling landscape and towering cliffs.

This coast is home to hotel owners, farmers, artists, shop-workers, teachers, chefs, school children, hundreds of thousands of seabirds and the biggest shellfishing fleet in the country. It is in some parts, hugely popular and in other places can feel almost undiscovered. On some days it faces off to the North Sea resolutely taking whatever it can throw at it, on others its fascia crumbles slowly under the watchful sun to be gently washed by the tide. It is a coast of contrasts - the swell where young princes admired by a crowded promenade first introduced surfing to Britain, the breakers where a lone fisherman hopefully casts his line in search of a bite. We'd like to invite you to explore a little and try for yourself a taste of a special place: the East Yorkshire Coast.

This website introduces you to the wonderful seafood of the East Yorkshire Coast and gives a snapshot of the environment that nurtures sealife and the community, history and tourism context in which it is caught and sold. The full tourist site for the East Yorkshire Coast and the Yorkshire Wolds is www.visithullandeastyorkshire.com



A snapshot of the coast
On the sands