Come and explore a Yorkshire secret...

Welcome to the wildlife of eastern Yorkshire!

The Yorkshire Nature Triangle in eastern Yorkshire is well known among local naturalists for its rich fauna and flora, but it's a hidden secret for a wider audience increasingly keen to see more of Britain's spectacular wildlife. We have an amazing and diverse range of fascinating animals and plants here in lowland UK and in the species rich sea that surrounds it.

Have you seen...

  • Gannets plummeting from the skies at 70 mph, diving into the sea for fish?
  • Puffins courting and nesting on our coastal chalk cliffs?
  • Otters and water voles establishing new homes on our waterways?
  • Thousands of overwintering and rare migrant birds on our wetland reserves?
  • Lush wildflower meadows and the patchwork hills and woodlands of the Wolds?
  • Rockpools and shoreline reefs bursting with sea life, waiting to be explored?

There are great places to see wildlife in the Yorkshire Nature Triangle at all times of year

Remember that although you can't beat the variety and colour of our wildlife in spring and summer, autumn and winter are often the best times to see the most spectacular and elusive mammals and visiting birds. Many species are struggling to cope with the pressures imposed by man's activities, not least climate change. But many, like the otter, peregrine and gannet, are also recovering in the Yorkshire Nature Triangle, thanks to increasing concern for the environment, and stricter legislation on conservation, pesticides and pollution. With over 20 nature reserves, from the National Nature Reserve at Spurn, to Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs, Millington Wood and North Cave Wetlands, the variety of habitats and wildlife watching opportunities in the Yorkshire Nature Triangle is incredible.

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A snapshot of the coast
On the sands